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TuffStuff® GRP RoofingGlass reinforced polyester roofing

The TuffStuff® Method 5 layers makes the TuffStuff® roofing system incredibly durable.

Final Layer Drying

Completed GRP Roof on a New Extension Once the final coat has dried it is ready to face the eelements!

There are no limits to the applications of GRP roofing

GRP Roofing on a newly built garage

Dorma Extension with a GRP roof

Example of our other roofing work with more conventional tiles This was fitted to some stables in Barugh Green

Wombwell bungalow roofing project

Wombwell bungalow roofing project completed

Roofing & GRP

TuffStuff® is the UK’s most advanced liquid applied GRP (glass reinforced polyester) flat roof waterproofing solution.

Designed to provide total protection to multiple flat roof environments, the system uses the latest liquid polyester resins, glass fibre mat reinforcement and flexible edge trims to create a fully integrated seamless finish.

Available in a wide selection of colours and non-slip finishes to match any installation requirement, TuffStuff® not only looks great when installed it also offers a comprehensive 25 year guarantee on all resins.

We also provide a more standard roofing service from slates to tiles - replacing, repairing or a new roof entirely!.